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Landscaping & Excavation
Building the Future, Restoring the Past

Landscaping & Excavation Salisbury NC

Town Creek Construction & Restoration, the Best Builders in the Charlotte Area

Are you looking for contractors to help you carry out landscaping or excavation projects? You’ve just landed on the right spot! We offer a wide range of services from land preparation for building developments to finishing and grading of sites. We have been in the industry for a long time, and we have established our expertise in these areas.


Land preparation is a very crucial part of every construction. Tests need to be done to ensure the quality of the soil and what needs to be done should improvements be required. There is a considerable process that one must meticulously follow to ensure the integrity of the construction. Planning and expertise are vital in this undertaking, so you cannot just settle for whatever is available. You have to pick the best there is because this can affect your property long term. They must also have the right equipment and are trained to operate them properly. We assure you that our commitment to quality is second to none.


Any property development requires a sizable budget to be carried out. We understand that sticking to what was set for every step must be respected, and we want to help you avoid overspending. Although this part of the construction is understandably costly, we make sure to find ways to help our clients stay on budget.


We properly strategize our approach in the work that we do. We make sure that we do things excellently at the least possible time. Efficiency is our goal because we want to ensure that we deliver on time and stick to the budget. We carefully lay out our goals and aim to fulfill them based on the expected delivery period while maintaining superior quality service.

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Quality Service

We Go Above and Beyond

We aim to provide quality service that results in happy customers. We partner with our clients and make sure they are involved in the project without the burden or stress. We will work with you as a team; no one gets left behind. You will be in the know of every progress, and you will get to monitor the expenses to be sure that you won’t go overboard. Open communication is vital in the completion of our projects. Excavation and or landscaping projects need to be done perfectly, and we will make sure that you will get what you pay for.


Excavation is a very crucial part of every construction. You cannot just leave it to amateurs as this is where you will lay the foundation. Leave this tedious part to us, and as we prepare the land and have it graded, you can focus on other important matters involving the project. This way, you can maximize your time, and we can carry out the task sooner.

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You need professionals with high-quality training and experience to handle excavation, grading, and land preparation. Our team has extensive experience in all tasks related to this. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise so that no matter what job is demanded, we will do it. You don’t need to look for other contractors, because we can do this task from start to finish. We are very keen on observing rules and regulations concerning land preparation, and we will make sure that we do everything perfectly to avoid unnecessary issues in the future. We will even secure all the required permits to get it off your to-do list.

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Transform Your Property

Your Vision, Our Pleasure


We offer utility services that are crucial to every property. We do concrete repair, snow plowing, earthwork, and other construction works. We can also cater to other needs, such as those required by government agencies. We can create or build roads, sanitation, drainage systems, bridges, etc. You can count on us to deliver exceptional services as we give prime to the trust of our clients. More than the profit, we aim to build a strong relationship with those we work with.


Digging and Cleaning

Clearing out the land is often a requirement before undergoing construction. Grubbing is needed to remove trees, logs, bushes, and shrubs. In the same way, you may also need this service to prepare your land for farming. Whatever your purpose for this service is, we can do it for you. Excavation is necessary to get this done, and we are the team to call for that purpose.


Excavation services may sometimes require demolition. Demolition is performed in establishments that are already too old and have become a hazard or an eyesore. They need to be eliminated for everyone’s safety. Sometimes, it is done because the client wants to start with a blank slate. They want to completely change the structure to build what they have in mind. This type of work has to be professionally done as it can cause damage to properties or even harm people if done haphazardly. We have the necessary tools and machinery to perform this task efficiently and safely..



Excavation is a process that needs to be performed with much accuracy and precision. Tasks such as transporting blasted rocks, sand, and soil, trenching, tunneling, and other earthworks that require hydraulic equipment are among those that fall under this. We have all the necessary tools and expertise to perform any job that your construction project requires.


Site Grading

If there is one reason for getting professionals for excavation and land preparation, it should be for site grading. This process ensures the structure’s integrity as it determines the soil composition where you will lay the foundation. The slide, slopes, and elevations must be carefully examined and modified if necessary. You have to ensure that you build your property on solid ground to avoid future disasters. Our contractors are very well-versed in site grading, so you can have peace of mind that your home will stand the test of time

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